[Typo3] Link to content element?

Jane Larsen noesgard at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 16:58:50 CEST 2005

Found this:
tslib_pibase::pi_list_linkSingle  (  $  str,  
  $  uid,  
  $  cache = FALSE,  
  $  mergeArr = array(),  
  $  urlOnly = FALSE,  
  $  altPageId = 0 
   Wraps the $str in a link to a single display of the record (using
piVars[showUid]) Uses pi_linkTP for the linking

 string  The content string to wrap in tags  
 integer  UID of the record for which to display details (basically
this will become the value of [showUid]
 boolean  See pi_linkTP_keepPIvars  
 array  Array of values to override in the current piVars. Same as
$overrulePIvars in pi_linkTP_keepPIvars
 boolean  If true, only the URL is returned, not a full link  
 integer  Alternative page ID for the link. (By default this function
links to the SAME page!)

string The input string wrapped in tags 
to explain the pi_list_linkSingle function I'll keep look for how to
include the section in that (if possible)

//Jane Larsen

On 7/27/05, Peter Russ <peter.russ at 4many.net> wrote:
> Jane Larsen wrote:
> > return $this->pi_list_linkSingle($this->internal['currentRow'][$fN],$this->internal['currentRow']['title'],1);
> >
> > Is what generates the link (AFAIK). Can I change that somehow to
> > reflect the wished behaviour? I could put an anchor in the single view
> > (is code generated) but how do I make sure that this is where the link
> > points to?
> >
> > //Jane Larsen
> Check for typoLink and section.
> Regs. Peter.
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