[Typo3] link external css style sheet

Daniel Doesburg typo3 at doesburg.biz
Wed Jul 27 15:11:06 CEST 2005

Vlatko Šurlan schreef:
> That smells more like the right thing to me. How do I tell typo to 
> insert link tag pointing to my css? Or do I need to remove the part that 
> tells automaketemplate to work on the header and just put it in the 
> template?

Add this to your TS-template, above or below the part that starts with
# Main TEMPLATE cObject for the BODY

# Main TEMPLATE cObject for the HEAD
temp.head = TEMPLATE
temp.head {
     # Feeding the content from the Auto-parser to the TEMPLATE cObject:
   template =< plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1
     # Select only the content between the <head>-tags
   workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT_HEADER


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