[Typo3] pass 2 values from 10.data to userfunc

Carlos Rodriguez carod at nospam.org
Wed Jul 27 08:31:58 CEST 2005

Nyeki Attila schrieb:

> use { brackets
> {field:field_listtext}
> i'm not 100% sure but I thing they are required
>> Attila

Thats my complete code now...

includeLibs.linkmarker= fileadmin/includes/class.user_linkmarker.php

lib.linkmarker= COA
lib.linkmarker {
     10 = USER
     10 {
         userFunc = user_linkmarker->main
         data = {field:field_listtext}
         insertData = 1

The stuff with the brackets - yeah - thats what I found in some 
tutorial, but even with brackets and insert Data ist still does not work.

grrr this drives me crazy...

Yes, I checked the field name of "listtext" in the DS, its alsso running 
into the main function...I also cleares both(!) caches and the 
temp_Cached under typo3conf

I am at a loss...


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