[Typo3] links with title and consequences

Nyeki Attila thewondererus at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 27 08:07:27 CEST 2005

Hi Group!

I have some really annoying troubles with Internal Links having a Title 
(tooltip). As known, links are stored as a custom Typo tag in the 
database (<LINK>), but those having a title are stored as static <A> 
tags, eg:

<a title="Title" href="?id=218#388">some text</a>

instead of

<LINK 218#388>some text</LINK>

(I made an uncompressed export, so this is absolutely certain)

The problem is, that statically stored <A> tags are not rendered as 
Typo-Links, hence:
   - I can't use config.simulateStaticDocuments
   - I can't make a workable export/import
   - I can not use RealURL extension

I noticed that setting the title of a link is only possible, if 
rteHtmlArea is installed and in it’s change-log I found this:

2005-05-21 Version 0.5.0
Add the title attribute on the TYPO3 link insertion/modification dialog.

So, it’s relatively a new thing/bug, but the main problem is that I 
don’t know who to blame for this error: Typo or rteHtmlArea, and where 
should I fix this?

I also noticed in the html-source view that the above example looks like 
this in rteHtmlArea:

<a rtekeep="1" title="Title" href="?id=218#388">some text</a>

Well, it looks like the rtekeep=”1” attribute tells Typo3 not to touch 
and convert that link into Typo3-Link. It might be that Typo3’s Link tag 
is not capable of handling titles? Any ideas?

My guess is that the proper approach would be to extend the Typo3 link 
tag to be able to store titles too, but unfortunately I just couldn’t 
accomplish this.

Thx in advance and Regards,

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