[Typo3] Inserting different layer background using templavoila

Francesco di Francia darksky77 at email.it
Tue Jul 26 23:26:52 CEST 2005


I'm designing homepage of my website. It divided in differente "area", 
and in each area my editors can insert different "sub-areas". Each 
sub-area has a simple grafical header.
To avoid a IE bug about rendering css ( the infamous 1px margin bug ) i 
need to insert thi header as a layer background not "repeatable".
This background will be defined not in the css file but in the html 
template using the STYLE attribute. I.e. :

div id"blabla" style="background: url(image.jpg) norepeat"

is possibile to setup a FCE so that my editor can choose wich images 
insert ? In future template tutorial i read only about "standard" tag 
attribute such as alt, href, target.


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