[Typo3] [mailformplus] Multiple checkboxes

Farhdine Boutzakhti funkycms at axidea.fr
Tue Jul 26 17:18:56 CEST 2005

peter luser wrote:
> yeah, you are right, the placeholder should be named  
> ###checked_date_A_A### in the example.
> to make the other version (one field name for all checkboxes) work, i 
> have  to change some things in the extension.
> but since i'm very busy these times, i cann't promise when i will find  
> time for that.
> is it very urgent?
> ciao,peter

yes, it is urgent, lol
I think my boss will be satisfied by this version
of the extension for the moment :)
Me too, if I have time, i will change some things ...
and fix some bugs :D

Thank you Peter !

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