[Typo3] Typo3 vs OpenCMS

Martin S shieldfire at gmail.com
Tue Jul 26 16:28:45 CEST 2005

On 26/07/05, wholzhammer <w.holzhammer at tirol.gv.at> wrote:
Pros and Cons for Typo3:
pro: online-community, extension-principle, ldap-integration, out-of-the-box 
features, ease of use
cons: workflows, versioning, "php-based"


I'm very sorry. Pro "online-community", "ease of use"?
Don't think so, unless of course you call slightly paranoid lists and the 
steep learning curve "pro's". 

I'd say Typo3 is easy to use only in regards as to get an (more or less) 
ugly and predefined "canned" site up and running. To get something that 
works as you want it to work and look - that is another matter all together, 
and has nothing really to do with "ease of use". Typo3 has a very clear 
division between design and "technical backbone". If the on-line community 
is a pro of Typo3 then the on-line community of Gentoo Linux is Nirvana. It 
cannot be compared on the same day, or even week.

What I see as the pro's of Typo3 is that it is extremely flexible and 
powerful, with a good range of high quality extensions - whatever you want 
to design, on a database backend framework - you can probably do it using 
Typo3. But it does come at a price in complexity.

Just my 2c ofcourse.

Martin S

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