[Typo3] how to debug tt_address insertion (dmail)

Felix Natter felix.natter at ldc.de
Tue Jul 26 15:33:18 CEST 2005

"Mathias Schreiber [wmdb]" <mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de> writes:

> Felix Natter wrote:
> > No. Should I modify /typo3/ext/tt_address/tca.php to include a gender column
> > like this?:
> NO!
> Create a new extension and add the field this way.
> Otherwise your system is not updatable.

Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I used kickstarter to create a simple extension
which just updates this field. However, due to the use of kickstarter,
the field is now named tt_address.tx_txfnattergenderdmail_gender instead
of tt_address.gender.

The value is stored in the db correctly, but now a marker in
fe_admin_dmailsubscrip.tmpl is not replaced:
<!--###SUB_REQUIRED_FIELD_tx_txfnattergenderdmail_gender### begin
	This is shown only if the form is submitted and the field is configured to be "required" and at the same time not filled in.
	The syntax is of the comment 'name' is: 	SUB_REQUIRED_FIELD_[enter-the-field-name-here]
	<font color=red><strong>Dieses Feld bitte Ausfuellen!</strong></font><BR>
<!--###SUB_REQUIRED_FIELD_tx_txfnattergenderdmail_gender### end -->

I am using the following typoscript-code on the subscription page:
plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.pid = 5
plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.file.templateFile = fileadmin/template/main/fe_admin_dmailsubscrip.tmpl

plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.setfixed {
  approve._FIELDLIST = uid,pid
plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.edit.fields = name, email, www, company, address, city, zip, phone, fax, module_sys_dmail_category, module_sys_dmail_html, tx_txfnattergenderdmail_gender, hidden
plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.create.fields = name, email, www, company, address, city, zip, phone, fax, email, module_sys_dmail_category, module_sys_dmail_html, tx_txfnattergenderdmail_gender, hidden
plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.edit.required = name, email
plugin.feadmin.dmailsubscription.create.required = name, email


BTW: are those files:
parsed by typo3 or are they merely example-files?

Felix Natter

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