[Typo3] How to put content element in template setup?

Magnus von Rosen magnus at teknikmejeriet.se
Tue Jul 26 15:23:48 CEST 2005

Hi all,


I've been using Typo3 for a week, so I'm hoping this is a simple


I have created to elements, a stock-plugin and a news-plugin on a page. They
word fine, but now I need to move them, they are not supposed to be where I
created them. I want them below the menu, but that area of the site is not
accessible other than from the template setup code.


Have a look at the site I'm working on. 

http://transatlantic.verkstad.org <http://transatlantic.verkstad.org/> 


All the stuff below the main picture should go to the left, at the bottom of
the table that contains the menu.

I can't create the elements there because it doesn't show up as a place
where I can put elements, even though TemplaViola has made it a field called

My idea to go around this was to (if possible) create these objects from the
command line in the template setup, as opposed to the Page->Create new
element, that I did.


I hope my question is understandable.



Magnus von Rosen, Sweden


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