[Typo3] Typo3 vs OpenCMS

Damon Kristian-Ardumba funkycms at axidea.fr
Tue Jul 26 14:37:02 CEST 2005

wholzhammer a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'm evaluating different CMS and arrive at the conclusion to decide between two products: Typo3 3.8 and OpenCMS 6.0.
> Inhouse our infrastructure and software-engineering is all java-based which makes it a little difficult to argue for a php-based system.
> But integration the CMS into our infrastructure is not THAT important so I wouldn't mind to run it as "blackbox" using LDAP for user-administraion.

my company evaluated the same two products and we chose Typo3.

about your requirements and OpenCms
> - open source 
> - multidomains

> - ldap-integration
ok with commercial module from alkacon

> - i18n
it does exist but in my opinion, it's unfinished and not usable out of the box (you have to figure yourself how you gonna organize your content, 
openCms just give you a way to define a language for an article, it doesn't handle everything)

> - static files output
works fine

> - simple workflows
OpenCms does not have a real CMS workflow because workfow tasks aren't bound to cms tasks, a task is just a text area you fill with whatever you like
however with writing and publishing authorizations granted properly, you got a real but very basic workflow

> - publishing/deployment

> - versioning

ok, I just miss a way to comment versions.

> Pros and Cons for Typo3:
> pro: online-community, extension-principle, ldap-integration, out-of-the-box features, ease of use
> cons: workflows, versioning, "php-based"

I do not find Typo3 so easy on the back end, OpenCms with its windows-like interface is straight-forward
otherwise i agree with you

> Pros and Cons for OpenCMS:
> pro: "java-based", versioning, workflows
> cons: ldap-integration, out-of-the-box features, online-community

well, there's far less messages on OpenCms mailing-list than here but they do answer your questions and quite fast so community support is not that 
bad but there's almost no extension :(

In my opinion, OpenCms has a really great software architecture, some very goods ideas but I can't think of it as a tool for out-of-the-box use but 
more as a framework you must extend and customize for your needs (but with the new admin in 6.0 finale version the "unfinished" feel is less and less 
there). We reviewed 4 CMS and OpenCms had good marks (mostly because of very good XML integration, template system and taglib) but typo won because of 
all its features out-of-the-box (and it only loses on stuff like standards and connectivity, but in PHP world, theses things doesn't seem to raise 
lots of interest, sadly).


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