[Typo3] gbweather code problem

raluca oprean raluca at sds.ro
Mon Jul 25 16:31:50 CEST 2005

Hi list

I want to insert gbweather plugin in my website with ts. What I've done so far is:


plugin.tx_gbweather {
 	# cat=gb_weather/paths; type=string; label= Unit type for distance (type "km" or "mi") 
 	distance = km
	# cat=gb_weather/paths; type=string; label= Unit type for temperature (type "c" or "f") 
	temperature = c
 	# cat=gb_weather/paths; type=string; label= File template path
 	template = EXT:gb_weather/pi1/template.tmpl
	# cat=gb_weather/paths; type=string; label= Time to live for database cached info, express it as "1 hour", "4 min", "1min", etc. Never less than 1 min.
 	cache = 1 hour
                code = ROXX0014


 plugin.tx_gbweather_pi1.temperature = {$plugin.tx_gbweather.temperature}
 plugin.tx_gbweather_pi1.distance = {$plugin.tx_gbweather.distance}
 plugin.tx_gbweather_pi1.template = {$plugin.tx_gbweather.template}
 plugin.tx_gbweather_pi1.cache = {$plugin.tx_gbweather.cache}
 plugin.tx_gbweather_pi1.code= {$plugin.tx_gbweather.code}


but I get a code alert .... it doesn't receive the code from the city.
What I've done wrong?

- raluca oprean (raluca)

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