[Typo3] stupid questions?

Martin Jorgensen unoder.spam at spam.jay.net
Sun Jul 24 17:46:34 CEST 2005

"Dmitry Dulepov" <typo3 at fm-world.ru> wrote in message 
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> Well, hard to say. You site shows "HELLO, WORLD". I do not really
> understand what exactly you want to correct in the tree? What was wrong
> with links?

Yes, after I read your previous post I began to read the "modern template 
building, part 1-3" tutorials so that's why the site says "HELLO, WORLD". I 
have to read some more, I guess.

> As to jpegs, no idea, need to at leat see site these pictures...

It won't be today, because I'm on my way out. I think it could be because 
Imagemagick isn't probably installed, I guess. Actually it's my own mistake 
if I don't get much answers because I began to change the homepage early 
after I posted the questions. I guess I'll just have to come back later and 
post new questions if the problems persist.

One last question:

Is there an archive for this group where I can search for old messages? 
Where is it? Google doesn't show so much about typo3 as I hoped, I think... 
I don't think google archives the content of this forum, does it?

Best regards,
Martin Jorgensen

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