[Typo3] Missing "Download export"-button

Olivier Dobberkau olivier.dobberkau at dkd.de
Sat Jul 23 18:17:16 CEST 2005

Martin S wrote:
> The strange thing is that the WinInstaller (3.6) gives me the Download
> export button, but as I've developed the site on 3.8 I'm kind of
> hesistant in adding my 3.8 site to the 3.6 laptop and export from
> that.
> Downloading the dummy package (3.8) fails to bring forth the required
> button regardless of if it's WinXP or Gentoo 2005.0. :(

i ask you another time. is the extension installed?
go to the extension manager and check the "shy" tickbox and look if the 
extension is installed.


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