[Typo3] stupid questions?

Martin Jørgensen unoder.spam at spam.jay.net
Sat Jul 23 17:27:30 CEST 2005


I've just downloaded typo3 yesterday and now I'm trying to learn it. I've 
searched for a lot of information on google and now I'm tired of searching 
so I hope that it's okay for some of you, if I ask some questions here. I've 
found out that my ISP have made restricted access to me on my webserver - 
you should know this is known as "safe mode". Hopefully most things seem to 
work out fine. However imagemagick seems to have problems, as I understand 
what I've read on google. I can also see that I don't get a preview 
thumbnail picture, but I can live with that...

Now, I don't understand how to do these (simple) things:

1) When I upload a .jpg file typo3 rotates the picture - see 
http://www.martinjoergensen.dk/ - click on "General information". Has this 
something to do with safe mode? Or is it the template which I'm using (the 
template name is "CrCPH")? Even if I rotate the picture 90 degrees before 
upload, the picture is still sideways? This is really strange...

2) I've also installed the quickstart 3.8.0 package locally. So when I run 
http://localhost/quickstart/typo3/index.php I get this:
Error: This host address ("localhost") and the referer host ("") mismatches!
It's possible that the environment variable HTTP_REFERER is not passed to 
the script because of a proxy.
The site administrator can disable this check in the configuration (flag: 

I found something useless on google... Now I ask for your help. It worked 
out fine in the beginning, AFAIR.

3) I started to upload the quickstart zip package. Now I use the "Blank 
DUMMY" package because I want to start all over from scratch and learn 
typo3. How do I correct the links in the tree view to the left? When I for 
instance click "general information" then the menu disappears - not exactly 
smart, huh?

4) I don't like the text "STUF" in the top to the left - how do I replace it 
with a logo or some other text?

Hope somebody will help a newbie :-)

Best regards,
Martin Jørgensen

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