[Typo3] linking to records (SingleView)

Armin Guenther armin.guenther at augusta.de
Fri Jul 22 23:31:03 CEST 2005

Hi christian				

I had the same problem as you and searching the archive showed me that the question of how to link to a single record of an extension was posted several time before. Unfortunately there seems to be no answer to this question.

Configuring the link wizard "so that link wizard can see the different 
records in internal link mode" seems to be no option at the moment. If you dig into the source of the link wizard (for the classic rte extension or the rtehtmlarea extension) you'll see that the record tree in internal mode is generated from the tt_content table only. This is hard coded and you can't configure link wizard as to show you the records from other tables linked to the current page. If your records are located in another table than tt_content (as is usually the case for extensions) you will not see them.
Conslusion: There is a need to modify the link wizard source as to be able to show records from other tables too.

But you can configure the RTE in such a way that the workaround using the "External URL" option will work for internal links to single records too. You'll have to configure the RTE such that the <a> tags are not substituted with the <LINK> tag. That means that the ts_link transformation must not be performed.

You may do this by configure the RTE for every field where <a> tags shall not be substituded in the following way:




Alternatively you may set the appropriate transformation in the tca.php file of your extension. 

"types" => Array ( ... rte_transform[mode=css_transform-ts_images|imgpath= ...)

In either case: Have a look via the Info-Modul, Page TSconfig to verify that you have indeed set the rte transformations correctly!

For details about transformations have a look at the "TYPO3 Core APIs" document (doc_core_api).

Of course this is by no way a real solution, only a workaround. A real solution would involve a modification of the link wizard.

Good luck!

- Armin Guenther (guenthar)

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