[Typo3] Prev/Next Navigation

Randy Chertkow typo3 at randmark.net
Fri Jul 22 16:55:22 CEST 2005

I have a quick question that should be simple to do that I cannot seem to solve.
This is related to having a prev/next link at the bottom of a page. I have a
feeling that one of you probably knows this off the top of your head.

I have a site that has a bunch of articles that I want to string together using
prev/next functioality. I read the tsref guide about the special HMENU option
browse, which allows me to put in my template an auto-generated prev/next link.
This did put the link in, and auto generated the names, using the titles of the
pages, which was exactly what I was hoping for.


However, when I click next, it will only go to the next item at the same level
as my current document, ones with the same pid, or go to the next section,
since I set the boolean for moving betwees sections. This is correct behavior
for browse, according to the above doc. However, it makes it impossible to make
the automated next link go to the next article if the next one in line happens
to be a child document.

If you view the above documement link, it has an example picture of a tree of
pages in the browse section. What I'm trying to do, and what I'm surprised the
documentation does not cover, is the ability go have next behave in this manner
based on their own example: 1:, 2:, 5:, 6:, 3:, 17:, 21: and so on.

Is there another functionality besides the HMENU/browse feature that will allow
for this kind of automated next/prev behavior? There is an extention that has
next prev behavior that seems to do the exact same thing as browse, and my
searches have otherwise come up blank.

I'd appreciate any advice, should anyone have any.


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