[Typo3] PHP form data transfer (session)

Dennis Hoffland d.o.hoffland at tele2.nl
Fri Jul 22 15:32:40 CEST 2005

Hello List,

I've put a form as content on my webpage by means of a PHP script (could also be regular HTML). Outside Typo3 PHP automatically stores the session data when the form is submitted, using the name associated with the field as the variable. E.g.:

In case of a dropdown list:

echo "<FORM name='VB' action='http://localhost/dummy-3.7.0/index.php?id=13&L=0' method='POST'>";
echo "<SELECT class=input1 NAME=\"departure\"><OPTION value=0>Make your choice...</OPTION>";

After submitting the form the data are "transferred" to the results page (stored in memory), where they can be made available for further use by:

$departure = $_REQUEST['departure']; 

In Typo3 I am advised to use instead (TSref, p. 137):

$departure = $GLOBALS ["TSFE"]->fe_user->getKey("ses", "departure");

However, this doesn't produce any results. At the risk of looking totally ignorant, can anyone tell me which point I am missing? All the available documentation seems to be based on forms generated by TypScript itself, not PHP.

Help is very much appreciated.

Greetings Dennis

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