[Typo3] Problem with Full Backup (w4x_backup) Extension on Win 2003

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Thu Jul 21 14:59:59 CEST 2005

Garrison, Janet L (Maysville) wrote:
> Greetings Everyone,
> I am fairly new to TYPO3 and this is my first posting so please forgive me if I do not list everything properly... I'll do my best to adhere to the standard for the mailing list.
> Background Information:
> I installed MySQL, PHP, and TYPO3 manually.  I had to configure MySQL to use old passwords in order to make it work with TYPO3.  I also had to rework my system so that the installation paths did not contain spaces in the folder names.  Then I began installing extensions from the TYPO3 repository.  I have another server running Linux and TYPO3 3.60 but unfortunately, have been instructed by administrators at our headquarter office that we must migrate that web site to a windows-based system.  I am simply trying to install the same extensions on the windows server but seem to be having one problem after another.  
> Problem: 
> When attempting to perform a backup using the Full Backup (w4x_backup) extension, I receive the following error message:  
> Warning: unlink(D:/kitcweb/kitc/typo3temp/2005-07-20-39f2f764a2425a0cb15c.tar): No such file or directory in d:\kitcweb\kitc\typo3conf\ext\w4x_backup\mod1\index.php on line 488
> Warning: unlink(D:/kitcweb/kitc/typo3temp/2005-07-20-39f2f764a2425a0cb15c.sql): No such file or directory in d:\kitcweb\kitc\typo3conf\ext\w4x_backup\mod1\index.php on line 524
> The backup file is never created in the typo3temp folder.  I believe the problem is related to permissions, but do not know what else to change.  Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Have you RTFM? It seems like the extension is not configured for 
Windows, as I understand it from the doc, you must use 7zip instead of 
tar. According to your logs, neither the SQL dump nor the tarball are 
created, so you have to change path info probably.


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