[Typo3] Redefining classes for header of several plugins

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Wed Jul 20 23:21:05 CEST 2005


I altered a little bit setup.txt for CSS Styled Content.
I added dataWrap for ordinary text elements and extra classes for main 
headers and subheaders to get better control with CSS and making normal 
content as if made with a plugin DIV around it and special classes.

I noticed thay 'fdfx_2cols' have taken a part of the header settings 
quite directly from CSS Styled Content.
I would need additional classes for headers, which relates some plugins 
(for example 'calendar' and 'mininews').

I tried alter setup.for 2/3 colums for 'calendar'

I made a test with this:

tt_content.tx_calendar_pi1 = COA
tt_content.tx_calendar_pi1 {
	10 = < lib.stdheader
	10.stdWrap.dataWrap=<div class="calendarHeader">|</div>
	20 = < plugin.tx_calendar_pi1

just changing some names and from the setup for 'fdfx_2cols'

But it didn't work

the basic setup is under

plugin.tx_calendar_pi1 {

Altered setup for 'fdfx_2cols'

tt_content.fdfx_2cols_pi1 = COA
tt_content.fdfx_2cols_pi1 {
	10 = < lib.stdheader
	10.stdWrap.dataWrap=<div class="csc-fdfx_2cols_pi1-header 
		field = subheader
		required = 1

		dataWrap = <p class="csc-fdfx_2cols_pi1-subheader 
		htmlSpecialChars = 1

		editIcons = tt_content:subheader,layout
		editIcons.beforeLastTag = 1
		editIcons.iconTitle.data = 

		prefixComment = 2 | Subheader:
	20 = < plugin.tx_fdfx2cols_pi1

What went wrong with 'calendar'?

Tapio Markula

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