[Typo3] CHC Forum & FrontEnd Users

martin at biplane.dk martin at biplane.dk
Wed Jul 20 16:05:58 CEST 2005


I'm not sure I understood you completely, but you can create a Forum
Group  and in the box "Users belonging to ALL groups selected here also
belong to this group" select a Frontend User Group.

Then, you just put your users in the FE group, and they are automatically
in the Forum Group as well.

Best regards,
Martin Seebach

Den 20/7/2005, skrev "a.lim" <funkycms at axidea.fr>:

>Hi y'all !!
>I got a problem wit the CHC Forum extension. I don't know how to make it
>work properly wit FrontEnd Users. I got a directory for my FE users and my
>page containing the forum startpointing in it. But it seems that it makes a
>difference between ForumGroup and WebsiteGroup. What I wanna do is insert a
>form subscription (FrontEnd User Registration extension) that put the new
>user in a forumgroup directly. Then I need a login box (newloginbox ext)
>that will check in the forum group if the user exists or not. I only could
>make it work wit the WebsiteGroup unfortunately. If someone could tell how
>to set up the forum properly, it would be cool.
>Thanks in advance for ya help,
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