[Typo3] TMENU wrapProblem

matthi matthibcn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 13:53:34 CEST 2005

Hi list,

this subject is driving me nuts and after experimenting with all the 
diferent wrapTypes, as far as I know them, i still don´t get the desired 
result, but I think there MUST be a way to archieve it:

So, this is the html-code for the menu:

<div class="menu">
   <dd><a href="#"><span class="aa">&nbsp;</span><span class="bb">Menu 
item 1</span><span class="cc">&nbsp;</span></a></dd>

As you might see, the a-tag is wrapping the whole stuff

parsing it through TYPO3 I am faced with something like this:

<div class="menu"><dd><span class="aa">&nbsp;</span><span class="bb"> <a 
href="index.php?id=1" onfocus="blurLink(this);">Home</a> </span><span 

That makes sense, as TYPO3 ignores the original a-tag and wraps its own 
around the | in the TMENU TScode....

But the result is something completly different from the original 
idea..to implement a normal css-tabMenu...even if it looks the same, the 
  link is active only within the a-tag and so is the hover-state, for 

No doubt I could make the whole thing a GEMNU or something similar, but 
why should I as I dont like JS at all and try to useit at the minimum 
and can get the same "effect" with just pure css, at least outside 
TYPO3, not to mention that I am dealing with just one image in the css 
variation meanwhile I would have x of them using the GMENU approach

Now I am looking for a way I can tell "him" that he wraps the a-tag 
around my spans...or bring them back in after wrapping or however it 
makes sense to TYPO

Hope someone did that / something similar before as I am running out of 
variations to test....


matthias oesterle

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