[Typo3] BE-Login fails in TYPO3 3.8

Daniel Brün dbruen at saltation.de
Tue Jul 19 14:23:38 CEST 2005

Hi list!

I know we had this topic before, but I still think the main problem is
not resolved yet.

After upgrading a site from 3.7 to 3.8 I can not log into the backend
anymore, whilst the entire FE works as usual.

The setup is 08/15: Linux, Apache 1.3, PHP 4.3.1

I uninstalled the cc_sv_auth-extension (which is in the core now and in
my case needed for FE-authentication), compared and imported tables,
cleared caches and made sure the tmp-path php is using is correct and
I can see that there are session-files created in /tmp any time I try to
log in (filesize: 56K). Usually these files are larger...

So right now I do not know if there is anything obvious that I have

There are still some extensions installed (adodb, datasources,
rlmp_extdbauth, ...), but it's a pain to uncomment each of them to see
if they harm the new setup.

Has anyone a solution to this scenario?



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