[Typo3] Crash after instaling w4x_backup extension

Vlatko Šurlan vsurlan at netRMVME.hr
Tue Jul 19 12:21:11 CEST 2005

Piotr Burda wrote:
> Hi
> I` just instaled w4x_backup ver. T3X_w4x_backup-0_8_1-z.t3x on typo3 3.8.0
> after installing both my BE and FE are blank.
> What should i do to resto re my typo3 ?
> for the moment i`ve commneted in localconf.php line with w4x_backup
> # $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['EXT']['extConf']['w4x_backup'] = 
> 'a:1:{s:11:"w4x_backup.";a:9:{s:14:"mysqldump_path";s:9:"mysqldump";s:10:"mysql_path";s:5:"mysql";s:9:"7zip_path";s:29:"c:\\Program 
> files\\7-zip\\7z.exe";s:8:"tar_path";s:3:"tar";s:11:"backup_path";s:9:"typo3temp";s:11:"date_format";s:9:"Y-m-d 
> H:i";s:10:"max_number";s:1:"3";s:8:"max_days";s:1:"0";s:8:"excluded";s:0:"";}}'; 

Just an idea here. Don't hate me if it does not work. Try to rename the 
folder in which the extension is installed. As much as I recall it 
should be somewhere in typo3conf/ext folder? Folder should be named by 
the extension it contains. Please let us know if it worked!

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