[Typo3] Backend user group prob

Vlatko Šurlan vsurlan at netRMVME.hr
Tue Jul 19 11:50:24 CEST 2005

sd wrote:
> Hi 
> I have installed version 3.8
> I have set up a user in the backend and attached a user group to him.
> I went into edit usergroup to set the permissions etc.
> I ticked the 'include access lists'
> I then get lists of everything and at the bottom of each one it tells me to hold down the CTRL key etc.
> Problem is How do I activate and deactivate them. 

I had the same problem, although way over 100IQ :)) (maybee they 
measured it wrong?). The trick is that the unneeded checking or copying 
of your selection is just simply removed! Once you select items you need 
you just need to save! That is that way things should have been in all 
the interfaces from the very begining but...

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