[Typo3] menu and plugins all on the left?

Bing Du du_bing at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 18 23:01:19 CEST 2005

Hi Ben,

ben van 't ende [netcreators] wrote:

> Bing Du wrote:
>> On the left side, I want to show the mainmenu first and below that 
>> insert a plugin.  I can use the following to display either the menu 
>> or the plugin.
>> subparts.nav < temp.mainmenu
>> subparts.nav < styles.content.getLeft
>> But what should be done to grab both, using COA?
> Hi Bing,
> You could use it like:
> subparts.nav < temp.mainmenu
> subparts.plugin < styles.content.getLeft
> ben

Thanks for the idea.  I use an external HTML file as template.  It does 
not have a subpart for plugin.  Just wondering, without changing the 
HTML template file, if it's possible to use Typoscript to get the plugin 
included, just like how dynamic menu is coded in Setup outside of HTML 

Any more ideas or pointers?


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