[Typo3] Typoscript and mailformplus curious result

"Jesús H." cy at ya.com
Mon Jul 18 11:07:57 CEST 2005


I've asked this question in the past days but had no replies, so I am 
rewriting it to see if I can get some help on it.

I've installed Mailformplus extension to be able to send forms and store 
them on a data table.

As mentioned on the manual 
you can assign a different subject on the manual via TS with 

I am trying to pass the title of the page on that subject of the email 
since I'll have multiple forms on different pages and I want to know 
from which page is that coming, so what I've done is:

temp = COA
temp.10.field = title

plugin.tx_thmailformplus_pi1.default.email_subject < temp

And instead of the title on the resulted email what I get is the word 
COA.... If i try to just put

temp.10.data = page:title
plugin.tx_thmailformplus_pi1.default.email_subject < temp.10

I get the word TEXT in the subject of the email.

I don't know why is not interpreting that part of the TS SETUP and it's 
sending TEXT instead of the result of the operation which is the title.

Any help is appreciated.

With best regards,

Jesús H.

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