[Typo3] mailformplus: redirect gives index.php without page id

Al Heikkila kalanh at shaw.ca
Sun Jul 17 05:48:27 CEST 2005

Hi Rob,

Why must you use Typoscript or mess with the html template for this?  The 
List view of the backend allows you to view the containing mailformplus 
object.  There is a field 'redirect to this page (only if all "have-to" 
fields are filled out)' that does exactly what you want, does it not? 

Alan Heikkila

>The strangs thisng is that it won't even work with the original html 
>form template of the ext.

>so it isn't a problem with the template, it must be another problem, 
>very strange; this has worked before on other websites.

>still tnx or your help

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