[Typo3] Need some advice for complex menu.

Ski3r E ski3r at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 15 22:33:44 CEST 2005

I'm trying to create a menu based on HMENU/TMENU that will display the links 
of records from a specific tt_news category. I know this is quite complex 
and I really need some help on this. If it's impossible, plz let me know 
before I waste more time on this.
Any help or suggestions how to do this would be VERY appreciated! This is 
what the menu should look like:

--MenuItem2 (submenu to MenuItem1)
----Record1 in tt_news category "MenuItem2"
----Record2 in tt_news category "MenuItem2"
----Record3 in tt_news category "MenuItem2"
--MenuItem2 (submenu to MenuItem4)
----Record1 in tt_news category "MenuItem5"
----Record2 in tt_news category "MenuItem5"


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