[Typo3] Problems after imageupload

Martin Rud typo3 at explizit.dk
Thu Jul 14 11:52:58 CEST 2005

Hi list

I have a website (at a webhotel) where I experience some "instability": Sometimes there is no problems when I insert images to a text/image-element (or any other element containing images), but 9 out of 10 times this happens:

After inserting and saving I can´t  view the page in the frontend - it´s says "Page is being generated". After 2-3 minutes the page can be viewed with the images showing also. This is ok for mee, but not very userfriendly for the end-users of the BE... :o)

It happens for very small images (i.e. 50 kB) too.

I guess it  is someting with the webhotels memory limit. Is that right, and can I do someting about it? I have made this php-info-file so you can see the preferences for the server: http://malerfirma1.dk/phpinfo.php

- Martin Rud (rudi1234)

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