[Typo3] filehandling

Maarten mtenbrinke at sundayafternoon.nl
Wed Jul 13 16:01:01 CEST 2005

Hello everyone.

I've some different websites running in TYPO3 right now, which all have 
different BE users. When a BE user wants a picture on his website he can 
either upload it first in his filemount directory and then place it in the 
website OR press "Browse..." and place it. In both ways a copy will be put 
in the  "fileadmin/uploads/..." folder which is not related to a BE user 
anymore.  What for me an ideal situation would be is assigning a seperate 
folder for each BE user(group) (with a maximum foldersize would be best) 
where all files will be placed automatically, uploaded by this BE user. In 
this way files won't be on the server twice and me as an administrator can 
check how much space every BE user(group) uses on the server. Does somebody 
has experience with this problem?

I've searched for extensions or post discussing this topic but I haven't 
found anything so far, while I think more people must have the same 
problems. Any help is welcome,


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