[Typo3] Typo3.8 Flash Embed Horror

Al Heikkila kalanh at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 13 02:24:39 CEST 2005

Hi Jean,

I am developing this site one directory above the htdocs root of the live 
site.  Normally this isn't a problem since I believe in relative links, but 
my Flash troubles arise from the use of another handy extension: RealURL! 
In the root TypoScript template I setup config.baseURL = [root] which 
effectively made all of my links absolute.

Right-clicking on the Flash apps only revealed "could not load movie".  I 
only caught on because of one image link that is hard-coded in my HTML 
template.  The link was broken and I was able to see that the source was 
relative to the real root of the site and not the dev/ folder I created for 
testing.  Judge not the Typo engine lest ye be judged yourself!

Alan Heikkila

>Hello Alan,

>I'm not sure to understand your problem...
>I'm using Typo3 3.8 and .swf files without any problem... Can you describe 
>exactly what's happening on your t3 installation, and how you are placing 
>your flash files?

- - -
>Jean-David Gadina (macmade)
>www.gadlab.net - Multimedia Network

>> Hi,
>> I've been using Typo3 since 3.5 and I've always been able to embed > 
>> Macromedia Flash objects into the CONTENT columns or the template itself 
>>  > without fail.  I'm starting a new project with Typo3.8 and to my shock 
>>  > and bewilderment, this version of Typo does not allow the content to > 
>> execute.
>> Placing a static .html version of the template works fine, all the embed 
>>  > code is correct.  This even worked using the exact same code and .swf's 
>>  > on another site built with 3.7!  I'm going to be developing this 
>> project > (and future projects requiring Flash) with 3.7, but 
>> unfortunately I have > put in a great deal of work configuring extensions 
>> on this current > build.  Does anyone have any idea what changed in the 
>> 3.8 engine that > would cause this?
>> Alan Heikkila 

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