[Typo3] USER_INT problems

Christian Lerrahn typo3 at penpal4u.net
Tue Jul 12 16:50:46 CEST 2005

I'm trying to use footnotes in Typo3. For that I'm using a user defined
php class that I've found in the archives. However, the problem is now
that sometimes the function that should display the footnotes is not
executed at all. Here's my TypoScript.

# Add footnotes
includeLibs.footnotes = media/scripts/footnote.php
tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.allowTags =
tt_content.text.20.parseFunc.tags { fn = USER
  fn.current = 1
  fn.userFunc = user_footnote->add

# Create list of footnotes
temp.footnotes = USER_INT
temp.footnotes {
  userFunc = user_footnote->show

user_footnote->add and user_footnote->show both exist. However, only
user_footnote->add is executed every time. user_footnote->show will be
executed sometimes but sometimes it won't. You can see that from 2
effects. The first effect is that the footnotes are not filled in in my
template and the second one is that the footnote counter values increase
every time you reload the page because the show function does not reset
the counter.
So I guess something is wrong about my TS but I don't see what it could
be especially because sometimes the whole thing works fine.


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