[Typo3] new Knowledgebas extension - ideas wanted

Joshua Preston jpreston at americatab.com
Tue Jul 12 15:15:58 CEST 2005


I would also consider for inclusion the following features:

* Priority of the question (for answer order) which could just be a back 
end field.
* Severity of the problem, or implications there of.
* Related KB items
* Group/FE-user based access control for categories and KB article 
views, to prevent say external users from viewing internal KB.

Thanks, good luck!

If you need any help or what-not, let me know, I'll help where I can!

Joshua Preston.

Paul wrote:

>Hi list,
>I’m writing this because of an extension we are going to make for internal use and for one of our clients. The extension will be a knowledgebase, in which questions/articles are shown, and can be browsed and searched (kind of like the extension moc_articles: http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/moc_articles/). 
>Because of the size of the project and the will to create an extension that is as flexible and extensive as possible, we were wondering if anyone would take a (quick) look at our list of specifications and maybe give your comments and extend them with your own list of wishes and ideas (also taking into account the option to eventually use this extension for yourself for example). Or maybe you can think of a knowledgebase that is already created with features you 
>think should be in the knowledgebase. 
>Our list of specifications: 
>1. An ‘infinite’ number of categories (parents/childs) 
>2. Articles can have images/documents and links attached 
>3. Articles can be put in more than 1 category 
>4. Articles can be put into different difficulty levels (ie. Beginner, 
>intermediate, advanced) 
>5. Users will be able to add reactions to articles – kind of like the manual on 
>6. Answers of users can be rated. Users can filter reactions on the ratings. 
>7. The whole knowledgebase can be searched 
>8. Backend-users will have categories attached to their profile 
>9. Front–end users can ask questions from the knowledgebase – backend users 
>which fit the category will receive a notification of a new question asked and 
>can respond 
>The whole system will be flexible in setup: if you don’t want FE-users to 
>submit questions, it can be turned off. If you don’t want responses to 
>solutions, it can be turned off etc. 
>Thanks for your time and response in advance. 
>Kind regards, 
>- Paul
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