[Typo3] Need a tip for Templavoila

Jean-Baptiste Rio triphot69 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 7 10:25:42 CEST 2005

Hi List,

I use more and more the Flexform objects on my sites. It's an easy way 
and a great tool to  avoid the installation or the creation of a new 
extension when you just want to build a specific combination of data.

But... my difficulty is that these flexform objects change from time to 
time to manage a new piece of information or to include containers, 
etc... In that case, when i make the change, i can't achieve to do 
several things with the wizards, and i wonder myself if i miss something :

- It seems to be impossible to insert a new field in the flexform object 
where you want, you can just add a new one at the end (or at the end of 
the existing field of a container). The only way i found is to create 
the new field with the wizard and then go directly in the DS XML text to 
change the position. Is there an another way to do that ?

- It seems to be impossible to insert a new container and then move 
existing fields inside this container. As above, modifying directly the 
xml content seems to be the only way to do that, with the difficulty to 
master the xml TV syntax at the first try if you don't want to lose your 

- When saving, if you already have fields with specific XML 
configuration (i've noticed that for my select fields), TV will destroy 
this XML configuration and you need to re-edit the DS XML content to 
insert your specific configuration each time after saving. Very boring 
when you debug your new fields... :)

So thx for all to tell me if i miss something for that three points. If 
not, how may i help to add these new features (if they fit the TV roadmap) ?



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