[Typo3] 2nd level-menu behaviour

mamax markus.massak at dataport.at
Tue Jul 5 21:26:36 CEST 2005

thanks eric,

according to the reference this should work, too, but it still doesn't stick
to the 2nd level.
the behaviour didn't change. the menu still follows navigation down to level
3, etc.

(stepping down would not be my problem, since i don't have a 3rd level
except in my testcase.
but when i click on an entry in the 2nd level, the menu disappears (as there
are no more pages beneath the selected page).

are there better docs about the special.range parameter?
how can i make this parameter let the menu stay only!!! in level 2?

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Instead of using entry-level use range = 1 | -1

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Hi group,

I have a 2 level menu.
When selecting an entry in the 2nd level, the page opens and the 2nd
level-menu doesn't show its entries any more.

(I had a try and added a 3rd level-page. The result was a 2nd level-menu
that acted as a 3rd level menu when a level2-page is active)

How can I configure the 2nd level-menu to only and always display the
2nd level?

These are the relevant template entries

  MENU1.special = directory
  MENU1.special.value = 2
  MENU1.1.NO = 1

  MENU2.special = directory
  MENU2.entryLevel = 1
  MENU2.1.expAll = 1
  MENU2.1.NO = 1

Markus Massak
dataport IT.Netzwerk


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