[Typo3] Weird problem with css_styled_content and automaketemplate

Matthias Taugwalder matthias.taugwalder at bluewin.ch
Tue Jul 5 15:05:54 CEST 2005

Hi all

I have a really weird problem with the two template extensions
css_styled_content and automaketemplate:

Typo3 is correctly installed and configured (identically to other web
servers running). I have a template defined using the common syntax...

But: The parsing of the placeholders (id tag attributes) is correctly done,
the <!--###<name>### begin --><!--###<name>### end --> comments are
correctly placed.

In the setup field of the template I assign to this regions different
contents, but nothing is shown...
The css_styled_content extension is also correctly included in the "Include
static (from extensions):" section of the template form.

I have the identically setup running for other domains without any problems?
Has this anyone had before? Thanks for your inputs in advance.

Best regards,

Matthias Taugwalder
Matthias Taugwalder
matthias.taugwalder at bluewin.ch

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