[Typo3] Indexed Search - Content not indexed

Gabriel Junquera gabriel.junquera at wsberlin.de
Tue Jul 5 10:19:55 CEST 2005

Hola José and cia.,

I had a similar problem too, which description you can see in the "caching" 
thread of june (there's a message out of the thread due to a not anwered 
mail, probably like this, as I have the receiving deactivated, by the way, 
does anybody know how can I include a message in a thread without 

If tapio knows that:

>This seems to be bug in 3.7.0 - in 3.8.0 indexed search works fine.
>EXECPT that it needs more than 16 MB in php.ini setting => doesn't
>work most of my installations - infact just in one installation, which
>has been set 50 MB in php.ini

then you should take that into consideration, but you should also search for 
any extensions, hidden or not, that may disable the cache by:


My problem was I had one somewhere, but was so small that I did not take it 
into consideration. You must also remember to log you off in the backend to 
make the testing, because that may also disable caching. The combination of 
these to issues kept me wandering for two weeks.

Hope that helps


José wrote

> I have been strugling with the indexed search plugin for several hours, and 
I am pretty sure the problem lies in the cache options of the pages, but I 
need a coupple of pointers. Here my scenario:
> The server has TYPO3 version 3.7.0 with Indexed Search Engine (2.1.3) and 
Cache All (0.2.2) extensions installed & loaded. Additional information about 
other extensions is provided at the end of this post (in case some other 
extension might be creating the problem).
> After configuring the indexed search as described in the documentation, I 
browsed several pages (also after logging out from the Typo3 backend), but I 
can't get the content to get indexed (Indexing module stats show all zeros 
and Web->Info->Indexed Search shows no records at all).
> I now believe this has to do with some cache problem, since I installed the 
Cache All, and that is unable to cache any page (I have even monitored the 
typo3 database directly with a simple "select count(*) from cache_pages" 
query, but still returns zero).
> I have reviewed all my templates and scripts in search for the no_cache 
directive, but found nothing which appears to be active... Some references 
are also included in the standard templates I use (such as styles.content) 
but still as far as I can tell they are inside some condition block which is 
not applicable. I have also logged into the frontend to check the Cache page 
of the Admin Panel, and the checkbox from "No caching" is cleared.
> Is there any other way of determining if a page is being cached or not, and 
to try to determine where the behaviour comes from?

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