[Typo3] retrieve data from sys_dmail

Gregor Kaczmarczyk gregor at crazes.de
Mon Jul 4 12:34:58 CEST 2005

hi group,

i´ve extended the dircet mail form record with a date field.

if (!defined ("TYPO3_MODE")) 	die ("Access denied.");
$tempColumns = Array (
	"tx_crzvdabnewsletter_cr_date" => Array (		
		"exclude" => 1,		
		"label" => 
		"config" => Array (
			"type" => "input",
			"size" => "8",
			"max" => "20",
			"eval" => "date",
			"checkbox" => "0",
			"default" => mktime(date("m"),date("d"),date("Y"))


(puts the actual date in the input field. the value will be stored correcly.)
but how is it possible to get the data into a TS marker using in a template?

any ideas?

thx in advance

ciao, greg

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