[Typo3] Shortcut and "show content from page" - differences?

JoH info at cybercraft.de
Fri Jul 1 19:36:58 CEST 2005

>>> I just used the field      "Show content from this page instead" in
>>> the advanced page type, and I do not understand how this differs
>>> from a regular shortcut page type, especially since the behaviour
>>> is the same if the target is hidden/deleted. In this cases, a
>>> "rootline broken"-error is thrown, although I'd expect a 404 for a
>>> shortcut type and an empty page for the "show content from page"
>>> case.
>>> Can anybody give me some hints or pointers to where this is
>>> documented?
>> sofar i understand it a shortcut page 'redirects' you to the
>> shortcut. eg. you leave the current place in your pagetree and and
>> menus submenus are shown as you would have selected the page you
>> where redirected too.
>> if you choose 'show content from page' you *stay* at the selected
>> page.
> That's why ACT and CUR works with  'show content from page'
> but not with shorcuts - or has this changed after 3.7.0?

ACT works for shortcuts (and alyways did) as long as the page you have been
redirected to is inside the branch of the shortcut page.
CUR doesn't make any sense for shortcut pages, since you will never be "on"
the page itself but always redirected.

We are using shortcut and ACT for some sites, where the owners don't want to
create content for the main pages but for their subpages.
So we redirect to the first subpage which will give us ACT for the shortcut
and CUR for the subpage.
Since this is the behaviour one would expect for shortcuts I don't think
this has to be changed in future versions.


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