[TYPO3] modifying Click-enlarge popups OR modifying inline javascript

Sean Ellis sellis at telus.net
Sat Dec 31 22:55:23 CET 2005

Elmar Hinz wrote:

Hi Elmar,

 > Sean Ellis schrieb:

 >> I'm using the click-enlarge feature in RTE for some images.
 >> I'd like to get some more control over the popups that are created,
 >> things like toolbar and statusbar. Looking around has turned up nothing

> I don't know if this javascript feature comes from the RTE or from the
> BE-forms itself.

the tags around the click-enlarge pictures seems to be coming from 
class.tslib_content.php, in this case at least

> If it comes from the BE-forms your chances to influence it are rather
> small. I once peeped into the javascript of the BE-forms. They are huge
> and partly generated dynamically. Rather bad conditions to extend them.
> But it is opensource and not impossible in consequence.

I was originally hoping to be able change some things via typoscript.

Oddly enough, when I view the pages from a friends computer, IE on 
WinXP, the popups are behaving differently from what I'm seeing locally 
with firefox. In firefox, for example, the statusbar is still showing in 
spite of this ..ure','width=600,height=450,status=0,menubar=0'); return 
false;"><im.. (default values for status and menubar).

No sleep to be lost over this however. It can rest on the back-burner 
for now,



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