[TYPO3] Wondering how to have a random image on my front page

alex toland alex at fertileground.de
Sat Dec 31 18:20:08 CET 2005

Hi everyone,
I have a related random image problem...
I installed the extension wag_randomimage and it's running almost 
perfectly- it generates a row of 9 image cells (each 100px width X 20px 
height) above the top menu, also 20px in height. However there is a 
strange border of 4px around each random image.
Does anyone know how to paste the images directly next to eachother, or 
get rid of the border?
Is this in the TypoScript? or a box I should have checked somewhere? is 
this a html problem or a problem with the template or plugin configuration?
I'm a bit lost, if anyone wants to see the problem live: 

Thanks in advance, and happy new year!

Jesús H. wrote:

>Hello Patrick and merry Xmas,
>I've used wag_randomimage extension. Have a look to it as well.
>Best regards,
>Jesús H.
>Patrick O'Hara wrote:
>>I would like to have a set of pictures with associated caption
>>displayed on my home page.  They would display one image at a time,
>>either randomly or by day.  In a way that the image would change,
>>along with it's caption, automatically.  Is there an extention or some
>>such that will do this?
>>Tanks for your Support
>>Pat O'Hara
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