[TYPO3] feuser registration und direct mail

Marlene Freiberg m.jeske at web.de
Sat Dec 31 15:24:16 CET 2005


I would like to be able to use the direct mail module. Therefore I set 
up sr_feuser_register to give my users the chance to subscribe to 
specific threads.
The problem is that I cannot see the connection between these two 
extensions and therefore have no chance to configuere them.

What I did:
I placed some TS-Code in the sys-folder which contains the dmail_module. 
A prt of this code is shown here:

   categories {
     1 = CC1
     2 = CC2
     3 = CC3
     4 = CC4

What I expect the feuser registration module to do is to fish these 
settings and show the given catgegories for subscription.

Insetad, the registration forms shows:

Thema 1
Thema 2
Thema ...
Thema 10

No matter what I try, I cannot change this. I could not find any 
description of how to deal with BOTH extensions working together. Does 
anyone know my problem and may help me?

happy new year to you all,

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