[TYPO3] Backup / Cloning script or extension

Seaghan Moriarty seaghan at digilogue.net
Fri Dec 30 19:18:17 CET 2005

*Apologies if you receive this twice - but my earlier email did not seem to 
be distributed.

I am new to Typo3 and like the underlying principals etc. I would like to
ask a question:

I am creating a very simple XHTML / CSS website in Typo3 and wish to be able
to clone/duplicate it automatically and easily. Is there an extension or
utility or script which can duplicate a master website (eg. on a
shared-hosting environment in Unix) and also create a new MySql database and
connect everything up so that I have an exact (except for certain
account-nmaes etc.) clone or duplicate of my 'master' website?

Where is the best place to find help in this area?
Has anyone done or written a similar utility?
Would anyone be able to do this for me?

The project is a small budget one, for giving very cheap or free websites to
schools, but I could have a small budget for help on this. I would be very
thankful if anyone could help me directly or point me in the correct
direction for help.  Thanks!

Kindest Regards,
Seaghan Moriarty.
Blog: http://www.pedablogy.com/

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