[TYPO3] Quiz advice

Jogvan Olsen jo at atlanticvideo.dk
Fri Dec 30 11:52:52 CET 2005

I am searching for at quiz extension, and need an advice to choose the right 

What I want to do is:

I want to use 'Multiple Choice' for al questions.

Possibility to use image for al questions.

Only one question pr. page.

When a user has answered a question, he will get a response: 'your answer 
was wrong/right' and an explanation of the right answer.
See example on (in Danish): 

When he has read the explanation, he can choose 'next question'

When al questions are answered, he will get at score: 'you got 4 out of 6 
questions right'

There should be no logging of user information - this will only be used on a 
'play and learn' page where users can entertain them self with some 
questions and learn something at the same time.

I have looked at 'sr_quiz' which almost can solve my problem. There are only 
2 problems that I can't solve:
1. You have to enter name and e-mail before you start the quiz.
2. I can't break the quiz up to '1 question pr. page'. Al the questions 
appear on the same page.

Does anyone know how to change this? Or do you know about an other extension 
that can solve my problems?

Thanks in advance
Jogvan Olsen 

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