[TYPO3] ml_maps file upload problem

sellis sellis at telus.net
Fri Dec 30 04:56:17 CET 2005


Seasons Greetings etc!

I have a problem with the ml_maps extension (v 0.2.0); perhaps someone 
will recognize what is wrong.

When I attempt to upload an image to use as a map I get the error:

<<< Filetype not supported, action aborted >>>

The extension seems to choke at the following point, and returns false,

     function checkFiletype($typeStr) {
         if (
             (eregi('jpeg', $typeStr) && function_exists("imagejpeg") && 
function_exists("imagecreatefromjpeg")) ||
             (eregi('jpg', $typeStr)  && function_exists("imagejpeg") && 
function_exists("imagecreatefromjpeg")) ||
             (eregi('gif', $typeStr)  && function_exists("imagegif") && 
function_exists("imagecreatefromgif")) ||
             (eregi('png', $typeStr)  && function_exists("imagepng") && 
             return true;
             return false;

The value of $typeStr is ok; it's, for example, image/jpeg

Any idea what could be wrong? I'm not noticing any other problems,



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