[TYPO3] [Gobernalia] Scalable Inman Flash Replacement - gb_sifr

Antonio Willybiro keiser_soze at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 28 21:24:43 CET 2005

Anyone here using it?

I installed the extension then added <fla>......</fla> in one of my text but 
it didnt do anything.
later when i double check the html code i see that the <fla>...</fla> i put 
has disappeared.

I am wondering if:
1. i should have put some TS in the page template?
2. can i use this extension instead of GIFBUILDER? let's say that i want my 
main menu to list my pages title. Could someone give me an TS example to 
make it happen?
I would like to switch from this:
#Navigation menu
lib.menu_1 = HMENU
lib.menu_1.excludeUidList = 2
lib.menu_1.1 = GMENU
lib.menu_1.1.expAll = 1
lib.menu_1.1.NO {
allWrap= <div id="title"><span class="title-icon"><img 
class="nv-menu-title"> | </span></div>
XY = 80,29

transparentBackground = 1
  10 = TEXT
  10.text.field = title
  10.fontSize = 14px
  10.niceText = 0
  10.offset = 0,28
  10.fontFile = fileadmin/fonts/tahoma.ttf
  10.fontColor = #ffffff
  10.shadow.offset = 1,1
  10.shadow.blur = 2
  10.shadow.opacity = 10
  10.shadow.intensity = 100


To something similar but build with siFR....

Any advise would be much appreciated.


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