[TYPO3] Handling Users and Groups

Patrick O'Hara pdohara at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 15:32:15 CET 2005

I guess this is a need for documentation.  I would be happy to produce
some documentation if someone can get me started understanding how
this should work.

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On 12/26/05, Patrick O'Hara <pdohara at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have recently moved my typo site to a new hoster.  This included an
> upgrade to 3.8.  I was on 3.5 before.  Obviously, there are several
> things that have changed, but the one that has my head spinning the
> most is the changes to the user/groups.  My old users and groups
> appear to work, but I am at a loss where I find them, how I make
> changes or add new users.  Is there some documentation or something I
> can use to get up to speed on how users and groups are supposed to
> work?
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