[TYPO3] menu entries to page anchors

Jörg Verstraete jorg.no.verstraete at telin.spam.ugent.be
Wed Dec 28 11:35:36 CET 2005

tapio wrote:
> Jörg Verstraete wrote:
>> Peter,
>> I only need it for one page (2 sections). The method given by Wietse 
>> works very well.
> if you link internally, it is recommended to use 'shortcut' instead.
> If you use External URL target is might point to a new window.

Yes, I thought about that... (this is not the case in the template at 
hand though)

Thanks for the tip!

> When you create a sitemap, you should configure it not to show same page 
> several times.
> tt_content.menu.20.2.exclude...
> not excludeUidList but excludePageTypes or something like that (I have 
> forgotten the correct name of the variable).



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