[TYPO3] Looking for bounty system

Oliver Klee typo3-german-01 at oliverklee.de
Sun Dec 25 20:41:42 CET 2005


for development of one of my extensions, I'd like have web-based bounty
system that will allow my customers to share the funding of features
that are needed by more than one customer.

Before I start creating a Typo3 extension for this, maybe someone
already knows of a Typo3 extension (or any other web-based solution)
that does the following:

1. Show a list of planned features and bug fixes with estimated time,
needed funding and current funding, and the status. Like this:

  Implement an e-mail feature
  Status: planned
  Estimated time: 2 hours
  Needed funding: 75 EUR
  Current funding: 30 EUR
  My funding: [  ] EUR

2. Logged-in users should be able to add their own funding to an item
and submit new items.

3. Features can be linked to the corresponding entries in a bug tracker.

4. The developer (me) can lock items when I start coding it so that
customers cannot change their funding for that item.

Does anyone know of an extension or other solution that provides this?

Thanks in advance,


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