[TYPO3] tt_news: relations by category

George Malanitchev gmalanitchev at newmail.ru
Fri Dec 23 16:41:16 CET 2005

Hi all,


On my website for every tt_news item I have a number of related press
clippings and documents. The layout might be as follows:


News title, Date




Related materials:

1.	Press clippings:

1.1.  Title

1.2.  Title


2.	Documents:

2.1.  Title

2.2.  Title


The main point is to make auto-generated lists of related materials for
every news item as when a new press clipping become available I will need to
manually make a relation for all news items to make it visible. That is why
getting related materials lists via related files or internal pages won't
go. I decided then to publish the press clippings as tt_news items too and
store them in their own folder. Well, all of this was done to have my press
clippings related via "related by category" way. I started with both news
item and related press clipping assigned to one category, say "Project 1".
With this approach, for every news item I have a bunch of another news items
and a number of press clippings in the "related by category" list? This is
ok - but how could I split the related items in the way my mock-up shows. I
think I should play with categories somehow or use another approach. How
would you solve this problem? Thanks in advance.



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